The Main Trends and Types of Fashionable Men’s Jackets of Spring 2017

   To meet the Spring in a good mood and new powers, it is extremely important for every modern man to renew his wardrobe and buy some fashionable and trendy jackets of the new season 2017. No matter what kind of style a man prefers in the new season of spring 2017, each of them will be able to find exactly that type of men’s jacket, in which he will have very fashionable, respectable and presentable look.

Fashionable Parkas of Casual style

  Loose, comfortable, stylish and casual parkas continue to be in a trend of spring 2017. As a rule these jackets have average length, the presence of warm lining and hood, patch pockets, and also gray, sand, yellow, and blue colors. The main trend of parkas of the new season will be furry on hoods. All-purpose, fashionable and will be perfectly combined with such elements of clothes as jeans, pants, sweatshirt, shirts of «Oxford» style, t-shirts.

Trendy down jackets

   Another fashionable trend of spring 2017 will be the men's down jacket. The main features of these jackets are half-sport half-classical style, strict lines, a minimum number of elements, and the absence of any slogans. In general, if you want to have classical and elegant look, while feeling comfortable and practical, you should certainly buy a down jacket.

Stylish windbreaker as a good protection against wind and rain

   For all those men who are used to stay stylish and fashionable even in the cloudy and windy weather, in the new season of spring 2017 will come to help such practical and stylish jackets as windbreakers. The main advantages of windbreakers are loose fit, the ability to be combined with a lot of other items of wardrobe (jeans, trousers, shirts, and cardigans), waterproof material, and also the presence of a large number of pockets, a hood, and a collar.

Fashion novelty of the season 2017 - aviator jacket of tanned leather

   With the beginning of spring, it is extremely important to feel not only stylish, but also comfortable and cozy. Such fashionable and warm model of jacket as an aviator jacket is perfectly managed to combine a unique style and usability. The main feature of aviator jacket of spring 2017 is the shorter length, fur cuffs, and also the rough zipper. Such men's jackets can be found in light gray, light green and blue-steel shades.

Stylish pea- jackets for the brutal machos

   To emphasize the brave, brutal and at the same time extremely elegant look, in the new season of spring 2017 men should pay attention to such a model of jackets, as a pea-jacket or coat of military style. This trendy element of the male wardrobe has regular fit, pockets and also collars. As a material for the manufacture of pea-jacket can be used such kinds of fabrics as drape, cloth, cashmere, as well as covert.

Luxury men's jacket made of suede and natural leather

   One of the most luxurious and unusual models of jackets of spring 2017 is a jacket made of suede, fur and natural leather. Wearing such an unusual thing made of natural fabrics, you will be able to emphasize your status in society, a good sense of style, feeling at the same time comfort, warmth and convenience. This model of jacket can be perfectly combined with classic trousers and jeans, plaid and one-colour shirts, leather bags and shoes. Most often, these jackets can be found in black, gray and dark blue shades.

Down-jacket of sporty style

   Just as the previous, so the new season of spring 2017 will not be able to do without the thin down - padded coat made in sporty style. However, unlike the down-padded coats of last season, in the new year will be fashionable and trendy down jackets of the most vivid and colorful shades.


   Shortened half-length men's coat, similar to the long jacket is another hot trend of the season 2017. These elements of clothes have an expensive and elegant look.

Quilted jackets

   This season the distinctive features of the men's quilted jackets are clear lines, diamond-shaped stitches, laconically strict and elegant design. Quilted jackets made of combined textures are especially fashionable.

   Contrasting sheared fur collar is a fashionable detail of the men's wardrobe in this season.
   Embroidery continues to be popular in the men's wardrobe and gradually becoming a new-fangled trend.

These are fashionable men’s jackets of this spring.



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